The Neurobiological Basis of Human Social Behavior - 25th March 2020

March 25th 2020, 9 am to 6 pm, Vienna, Austria

Registration possible till January 31st.

We cordially invite you to a symposium in honour of the late Christoph Eisenegger.

The symposium will include presentations given by current and alumni members of his lab, the Neuropsychopharmacology & Biopsychology Unit, and collaborators, on a wide range of topics related to the neurobiology and psychopharmacology of social decision-making.

In addition, there will be a poster session. If you would like to present a poster at this symposium, please indicate this when registering.

Participation in the symposium is free, but we kindly ask you to register. Also note, that there will be limited travel support funding available (see Registration).

The symposium will end with an evening reception.




Jack van Honk The role of the human basolateral amygdala in social decision-making
Jean-Claude Dreher Influence of testosterone on reward processing and retaliation-related brain activity
Yin Wu Single dose testosterone administration increases social discounting in healthy males
Boris Quednow Acute and chronic drug effects on social decision-making
Giorgia Silani Wanting and liking of social and non-social rewards: The role of dopamine and opioids
Michael Naef Testosterone beliefs and social decision-making
Bettina Studer TBA
Hana Kutlikova The role of testosterone in social behaviors
Annabel Losecaat Vermeer Testosterone's influence on competition and learning of social dominance hierarchies
Nace Mikus Computational phenotyping of dopaminergic manipulations
Lisa Rosenberger The neurobiology of repeated trust interactions
Lei Zhang The causal role of temporoparietal junction in computing social influence in human decision-making
Shawn Geniole Testosterone reduces the threat premium in competitive resource divisions
Sebastijan Veselic An investigation of the causal effects of estradiol administration on human decision making


Annabel Losecaat Vermeer, Hana Kutlikova, Lisa Rosenberger, Nace Mikus, & Claus Lamm